Hopefully my artwork will inspire you to find a calming inner self that has been covered up by the hustle and bustle of a self-made busy world. my art pieces are here for you to refocus your priorities and your appreciation of life and find what each of us can offer others in life.

Dick Bixler welding

Every one of my pieces of art starts with raw metal. I want all of my art pieces to be unique. I don’t use patterns, jigs, technology, or other’s ideas or work. As an example: when making a leaf, each leaf starts with a piece of flat metal, a pattern for each individual leaf is hand drawn (with chalk on metal), then cut out by hand, and heated until red hot. Next, a hammer and chisel or plasma cutter is used to edge the veins into each leaf, then the leaf is ground, buffed and finally the single leaf is attached to the stem. Art is what I put into it and what I can take away from it.

I strive to put my heart and soul into my art. my desire is when you really look into my different works you might see what is meaningful to you.

All of my artwork is much more than handmade unique pieces; it is made to remind you each day of the unique qualities each of you possess, and hopefully it will inspire you to find happiness in the great qualities that you have.


My desire in designing my artwork is to help people escape their busy schedules  and to dream, enjoy, and reflect on their priorities in life.

A lot of my work has been influenced by my desire to assist people in all walks of life. In 1989, I started World Patent Development Company with the focus to invent, design, engineer, develop, fabricate prototypes, and not only have the final product but to have a patent on the invention.

Despite my patents and my artwork being seemingly unrelated, I am constantly drawing inspiration from one of these areas to fuel the creative process in the other. 

I live with my wife Nancy in the county on the edge of Pratt, Kansas. We enjoy everything country living has to offer. The long walks in open pastures, the clouds and sunsets, and the wildlife native to our area continues to inspire my artwork.